Process Design

As the pace of biotechnology accelerates, IBA helps companies design processes to improve yields and reduce risk, including selection of expression systems and flexible production platforms.


Training is not a luxury in biomanufacturing, it is a requirement and a source of competitive advantage. IBA helps companies deliver impactful training programs.

Program Development

Growing the workforce across the life sciences landscape is vital. IBA helps public agencies, academic institutions and companies establish programs for workforce development at all skill levels.

Global Collaborations

We help public and private sector institutions create the capacity to bring biologics to local populations. We also facilitate international partnerships to help programs succeed.

Global Impact

Kamal A. Rashid, Ph.D.

IBA was founded by Kamal Rashid, a global leader in biotechnology workforce development, graduate education and cell culture systems. Kamal helped build world-renown education and training programs at Penn State, Utah State, and Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Under Kamal’s leadership, IBA blends decades of industry and academic experience to deliver impactful, customized programs that support companies, institutions and public agencies focused on brining life-changing biologics to people around the world.

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